First Date Ideas
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  • author ( 33, cub / man | Cleveland, OH, USA )

    my first date would be simple going out to a nice little place to eat or me cooking dinner for you talking about stuff we like and see what we have in common

  • author ( 28, cub / man | Moncton, NB, CAN )

    a lunch date is the perfect way to meet somebody. go out for a bite to eat, talk, get to know eachother. sounds gooood

  • author ( 34, cub / man | Merritt Island, FL, USA )

    ill like to go to a lil cafe , have a lil conversation gettin to kno each other.....a lil movie , maybe a lil walk on the beach while th sunset

  • author ( 30, cub / man | Budd Lake, NJ, USA )

    First date would be knocking at the door, ready to work, you point me in the right direction and i will start any where you want me to, would be pleased to get down and clean the rug or take the times to check the curtai...  see more >>

  • author ( 33, cub / man | Hacienda Heights, CA, USA )

    lunch and getting to know eachother, youll be surprised how much i can make you take your mind off of the world for awhile and put a smile on your face

  • author ( 30, cub / man | Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa )

    How about lunch at ur favourite resturant and a romantic comedy to end da day with something to smile about

  • author ( 48, cub / man | Wilmington, DE, USA )

    I like going whereveryou would feel comfortable to get to know you and hear what your looking for or just what you want. I'm a cheap date, I'm happy just in the presence of a great person/ Love a private booth, secluded...  see more >>

  • author ( 30, cub / man | Milwaukee, WI, USA )

    My favorite restaurant Bravos..for dinner or lunch, or we could even go to a nice place for just coffee.

  • author ( 35, cub / man | Sydney, New South Wales, Australia )

    Meet up for a nice meal and coffee. Then we begin a fun sessions of lustful fun. Where we really learn about each other.

  • author ( 48, cub / man | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    First dates are like an audition or job interview, so it's better to just talk and get all the awkwardness out of the way early...A simply lunch or a drink is perfect. Communication is the key to any friendship / relatio...  see more >>

  • author ( 36, cub / man | Durham, NC, USA )

    I love to go to a italian restaurant and just eat, drink and talk. After we eat, we can go watch a dvd or listen to some music and chill. After that is any ones guess :)

  • author ( 40, cub / man | USA )

    On a beach with the sunset just a head of us glowing to the sound of the ocean and faint sounds in the back round.

  • author ( 78, cub / man | Southport, Queensland, Australia )

    coffee & stroll along the beach,swim,even a game of tennis.pretty easy really.Dinner at sizzlers or other resteraunt.

  • author ( 48, cub / man | Easton, PA, USA )

    Go someplace to have lunch or dinner, then depending on the weather take a walk in a park and/or go play miniature golf or if the weather is bad go for a walk in a mall or do something else fun indoors.

  • author ( 41, cub / man | East Elmhurst, NY, USA )

    I think a first date should be something that should be memorable even if it is somewhere unconventional. I think the two people should be able to have a good time anywhere they go too.

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